Material solutions to lower shop visit costs, providing better support and asset value.


  • From comprehensive programs to single transaction offerings tailored to support MRO shop and airline requirements
  • Complete supply materials– new and used parts and all repairs to streamline overhaul and sourcing operations
  • Continual investment in high-tech repair and largest inventory of used parts to lower maintenance cost
  • Materials with industry-leading quality, guarantees and traceability to maintain highest asset value

New Parts

Begin with the design

When the parts design process begins, each part is assured to perform well within the CFM engine. CFM-engineered parts have not only world-class part quality, reliability and durability, but also the highest asset value, the most comprehensive product support, and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty coverage.


Best-in-class, proven delivery performance


Forecasting, provisioning, and quality processes continue to drive us to higher performance. CFM has a robust parts inventory stream so that airline or MRO operations are supported with new parts when you need them. Order a new part or check the status of an existing order in the  Customer Support Portal.

Used Parts

In-stock and ready to ship.

CFM Materials, also a joint venture of GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, is the world’s largest provider of used serviceable components, providing cost-effective complements to new engine parts. Authentic and genuine used parts are backed by industry-leading expertise and response times, with the components in-stock and ready to ship from CFM’s global distributions centers.

Reduce unknowns and ensure a fully supportable configuration by purchasing material that contains parts and repairs designed, tested, and certified as part of a complete engine system. Contact a CFM Materials representative or visit their website for more information.


Advanced repairs restore more of  parts to a serviceable condition, providing significant shop visit cost savings. CFM’s global network of technology, repair development, and operations are constantly at work developing new repairs and processes to increase yields and decrease costs.


Repairs are developed with our vast OEM knowledge of the part operation within the complete engine system and are validated using component- and engine-level testing. CFM engineers develop approximately 200 repairs annually for all product lines.



CFM’s engine upgrade kits incorporate the latest technologies to reduce the cost of ownership of the upgraded engines and the aircraft they power. Using a platform approach combined with evaluation and cost-benefit analysis, CFM looks for opportunities to infuse the technologies of current production engines into mature engines. CFM teams work closely with customers to develop upgrades that address their top overhaul cost drivers and removal causes.


Material programs provide comprehensive material support to airline and independent overhaul providers by committing pricing and delivery fulfillment terms for new and/or used parts and/or repairs.


Material programs are highly customized, so contact a CFM Service sales representative for details and availability.