Helping maximize asset value with greater operational assurance


An engine qualified for the TRUEngine™ program is one which has been maintained in accordance with CFM manuals and recommendations. These engines contain TRUEngine LLP (Life-Limited Parts), which are rotating critical parts that have always operated in CFM-approved configurations.

CFM further advises customers to maximize their operational reliability by maintaining all engine components (Line Replaceable Units [LRUs]) and external accessories, i.e. all other parts as referenced in the Illustrated Parts Catalogue, to CFM manuals and recommendations.


The TRUEngine program was developed in response to a growing industry need to better understand engine material content as assets are operated, evaluated and redistributed. With the TRUEngine designation, industry stakeholders, including potential buyers, lessors or appraisers, know that an engine’s content and maintenance history have been verified by CFM, enabling them to more easily evaluate engine resale value as well as market commonality and acceptance.

For an ATA Chapter list of parts included in TRUEngine qualification, click here.

TRUEngine Quick Facts

  1. Identifies engines maintained per CFM recommendations
  2. Is free, with no cost to qualify or receive benefits
  3. Is available for all CFM engines
  4. Is granted on an individual engine serial number basis
  5. Ensures CFM’s ability to provide comprehensive product support
  6. Remains in effect until next shop visit (re-qualification), a configuration change, or owner/operator choice to decline

For additional information, contact your CFM representative, or email the TRUEngine team within your customer zone:

TRUEngine Life-Limited Parts (LLP)

The TRUEngine LLP designation confirms LLP that have always operated in configurations consistent with CFM’s lifing model. TRUEngine LLP have been verified as having been maintained to manuals and recommendations since birth through a rigorous back-to-birth records review by CFM. LLP are qualified at the part level and at a specific time-since-new and cycles-since-new interval.

A proactive answer to customer requests for a reliable means of identifying LLP that have always operated in a CFM configuration, this extension of the well-established TRUEngine program is designed to help operators support the value of their assets and assure optimized CFM technical support.

Why are LLP so Important?

LLP are the most critical engine parts and include rotating components such as disks, spools and shafts. Life limits are established using a rigorous methodology that is applied to both individual parts as well as the engine system.

Systems-level analysis is critical because some non-life-limited “influencing parts” like turbine blades and seals can significantly impact durability of LLP.

For more information on TRUEngine LLP, contact your CFM representative or email the TRUEngine team within your customer zone: