Whether you are an operator or an owner CFM Services helps you optimize your asset value


from service entry to mid-life through retirement to meet customer needs

Transition Services provides you a variety of solutions throughout the entire lifecycle, including  green time leases, exchanges, and spare engines; Maximized used material coupled with customized workscopes to align expenses to ownership or operating horizon to optimize utility of your asset

We also enable seamless transition of maintenance programs and assets between airlines, lessees, lessors and owners.

  • Transition from initial services like RPFH to mid-life/mature maintenance programs
  • Integrate with traditional RPFH programs to lower airline expense and cash flow and cover lessor/owner interests


you can count on industry's leading lessor of CFM56 spare engines

CFM offers the largest availability of personalized short and long term lease and exchange engines to maximize aircraft utilization and minimize airline capital investment

Based in Shannon, Ireland, with offices in Beijing, Budapest and Singapore, our Shannon Engine Support (SES) subsidiary manages a portfolio of over 200 CFM56 engines.

Visit SES for further information.


Maximum availability, worldwide support

If your aim is to optimize your operations minimizing the time your fleet have to stay on ground and keeping your inventory investment low, CFM offers you a 24/7 support covering full engine LRU of the entire CFM56 family, You can choose different options from standard exchange solution within hours to Repair & Return for which a predefined turnaround time is guaranteed.


High value-added services

In order to support all kinds of customer’s business objectives we offer multiple services based on our technical expertise:

Engine monitoring and diagnostics services, based on the analysis of technical and flight data, along with recommendations for fleet maintenance or management to enable smooth and reliable airline fleet operations.

Range of courses designed to address your specific needs, including on-wing and shop maintenance, diagnostic tracking of engines, and flight control recommendations.

Consulting services to help you building capability and enhancing efficiency your MRO operations.