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CFM56-5C Turbofan Engine

31,200 – 34,000 Pounds Thrust

The CFM56-5C, the most powerful engine in the CFM56 family, is the sole cost-effective propulsion system perfectly tailored for the long-range Airbus A340-200 and A340-300 aircraft.


Airbus A340

CFM56-5A Turbofan Engine

22,000 – 26,500 Pounds Thrust

The CFM56-5A is the powerplant that powered Airbus’ entry into the single-aisle market: the A320. Entering service in 1988, the CFM56-5A maintains dispatch reliability above 99.9%.


Airbus A319

Airbus A320

CFM56-3 Turbofan Engine

18,500 – 23,500 Pounds Thrust

The CFM56-3 was designed for Boeing 737 second-generation -300, -400, -500 aircraft. It is derived from the -2, the original CFM engine. This super-reliable turbofan is in service all over the world. The engine-airframe combo 737 entered revenue service in 1984 and quickly became one of the best-selling ever.


Boeing 737

CFM56-2 Turbofan Engine

22,000 – 24,000 Pounds Thrust

The CFM56-2 engine is the “granddaddy” of the CFM family of engines. It was the first high-bypass engine in the 10-ton class and forms the foundation for the rest of the CFM engines in service today. Its sturdy, efficient architecture has allowed CFM to become the most popular engine in the air. It flew first on re-engined Boeing 707 aircraft in 1982 and was soon chosen to re-engine KC-135 tankers for the USAF.


Boeing DC-8 Super 70


E-3 Sentry AWACS