SAS launches CFM56-Powered 737-600 with $500 million order

March 14, 1995

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) today announced that it has launched the CFM56-powered Boeing 737-600 and placed a $500 million order for CFM56-7 engines to power 35 firm, 35 option aircraft, including spares.

The CFM56 is produced by CFM International (CFMI), a 50/50 joint company of Snecma (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States.

"Everyone at CFMI is absolutely delighted with this order," said David Cook, airline sales director for the Nordic Region for CFMI. "We have always believed that the CFM56 would be a good engine for SAS. As the industry comes out of the recession and airlines prepare themselves for the next century, we are proud that SAS should give us its trust by selecting the CFM56-7 engine to power its new fleet."

SAS, which is a consortium formed by the national airlines of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, will begin taking delivery of the firm aircraft in the second half of 1998. This is the airline's first CFM56 order, and it selected the CFM56-7 after an exhaustive analysis of many aircraft/engine combinations. One of the strongest factors behind the decision was the optional double annular combustor (DAC) that CFMI offers on the CFM56-7.

The environment, specifically aircraft emissions, has become a major issue in Europe, and Nordic airlines have taken the lead in addressing this issue. CFMI has proven with the CFM56-5B that DAC technology can reduce NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions by more than 40 percent compared to a -5B equipped with a singular annular combustor. CFMI is the only engine manufacturer currently offering this technology in this thrust range.

"We are very excited about adding SAS to our customer list," said Francis P. Avanzi, president and CEO of CFMI. "This latest success is a testament to CFMI's leadership in providing unequaled customer support, low global cost of ownership, and the most reliable, environment friendly engines in the world. I'm certain this is only the beginning of a very long relationship between SAS and CFMI."

The CFM56-7, rated from 18,500 to 26,400 pounds takeoff thrust, is scheduled to begin ground testing in the second quarter of this year, leading to certification in 1996 and entry into service on the Boeing 737-700 with Southwest Airlines in late 1997.

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