Two New CFM56-7-Powered Applications Enter Service

June 16, 2001

The CFM56-7-powered Boeing 737 continues its unprecedented success as two new applications enter service: the 737-900 and the military C-40A Clipper.

The CFM56-7 is produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States.

Last month, Alaska Airlines took delivery of its first 737-900. Alaska, a long-time CFM56-3 customer, launched the new application in 1997. Today, the airline has orders for 11 firm, 12 option aircraft with deliveries scheduled to continue through 2003. The 737-900 is the longest member of the 737 family, and the CFM56-7 is rated at 24,000, 26,000, and 27,000 pounds (107, 115, and 120 kN) takeoff thrust for this application. In addition to Alaska, Continental, KLM, and Korean Airlines have ordered a total of 46 737-900 aircraft.

In commercial service, the CFM56-7-powered 737 has amassed an outstanding record. More than 800 aircraft have been delivered, and the fleet has logged more than seven million flight hours and 3.5 million flight cycles since entering service in early 1998. In addition, the fleet has achieved a 99.95 percent dispatch reliability rate and a .002 in-flight shutdown rate. More than 1,800 CFM56-7-powered 737s have been ordered to date, making it the fastest selling engine/aircraft combination in history.

The first military C-40A was delivered to the U.S. Naval Reserve in April. The aircraft is a modified Boeing 737-700 combination airplane which was designed to replace the Navy's C-9 fleet. Powered by CFM56-7 engines rated at 27,000 pounds takeoff thrust, the C-40 provides greater range, altitude, and load capability than the C-9. The aircraft can operate in an all-passenger, and all-cargo, or combination configurations. To date, the Navy has ordered six C-40A aircraft, with deliveries scheduled through 2002.

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