SES Adds Two CFM56-5B DAC Engine To Portfolio

January 13, 2003

SHANNON, IRELAND January 13, 2003 With the purchase of two CFM56-5B engines equipped with the advanced double annular combustor (DAC), Shannon Engine Support becomes the only lessor in the industry to offer spare engine support for DAC operators worldwide. The engines are now available for short-term lease.

Shannon Engine Support (SES) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CFM International (CFM). CFM, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric Company, produces the world's best-selling commercial engine product line, the CFM56 family. SES is the third largest spare engine leasing company in the industry and is the leading lessor of CFM56 spares. In 2002, the SES customer base grew by 20 percent and now includes more than 50 customers worldwide.

CFM is the only engine manufacturer to provide DAC low emissions technology for short-to-medium-range aircraft. This combustor, which is an option for CFM56-5B-powered Airbus A320 and CFM56-7-powered Boeing 737 aircraft, reduces emissions, particularly oxides of nitrogen (NOx), by nearly 45 percent compared with a single-annular combustor. The DAC was introduced into service on the A320 in 1996, and there are currently 216 engines in service with six A320 operators.

"The addition of the DAC engines really helps round out our portfolio," said SES managing director Roger Welaratne. "We now have the capability of providing full-service spare engine support to a substantial in-service DAC fleet. Our main objective is to provide comprehensive support to the CFM56 operator base, and we're meeting that commitment."

Purchase of the DAC engines is another example of SES's flexible, cost-effective engine leasing solutions, tailored to airlines' specific requirements. With pools of engines worldwide, the company can provide engines in a ready-to-install configuration within 24 hours. SES also offers short-term engine leases, operating leases, sale/leaseback, and engine trading. In addition to the two DAC engines, SES manages 140 CFM56-5A and CFM56-5B engines for the Airbus A320 family; CFM56-5C engines for the Airbus A340; and CFM56-3 and CFM56-7 engines for Boeing 737 aircraft.

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