Ryanair Places $1 Billion CFM56 Engine Order

January 24, 2002

LONDON, England January 24, 2002 Ryanair today announced that it has placed a $1 billion order for CFM56-7 engines to power 100 Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The Dublin-based airline, which also took options on 50 additional 737s, will receive its first aircraft later this year, with deliveries extending through 2010.

The CFM56-7 is the newest member of the CFM56 engine family produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States. With more the 12,600 engines in service, CFM is the world's leading aircraft engine supplier.

Ryanair first became a CFM customer in 1998 when it ordered 28 CFM56-7-powered 737-800s; 19 of these aircraft have been delivered since 1999. The airline operates its 737s on 56 routes throughout Europe from hubs in Dublin, London-Sansted, Frankfurt-Hahn, and Brussels-Charleroi.

"We're obviously very pleased to be extending our relationship with Ryanair," said Malcolm Forrest, vice president of international sales for CFM. " Ryanair has experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years and, today, is one of Europe's largest, most successful low-fare carriers. We're proud to have been a part of this growth and look forward to the future with great anticipation. This endorsement of our products validates our continued investment in time and technology with Boeing and our customers to make this engine the best it can be."

The CFM56-7 engine was developed as the exclusive powerplant for the Boeing 737-600/-700/-800/-900 family of aircraft and the engine provides operators with substantial benefits., including dramatically lower operating costs, better performance, higher reliability, lower noise and emissions, and improved operability versus the CFM56-3 for the classic 737 series. By incorporating such advanced technology as three-dimensional aero design, a high efficiency wide chord fan, and advanced electronic engine controls, the CFM56-7 is fulfilling all of its promises in service. The engine's specific fuel consumption (SFC) is significantly lower than that of the CFM56-3 on current 737s, resulting in better aircraft fuel burn. A reduction of 1 percent in fuel burn can mean an annual savings of up to $15,000 per aircraft.

In addition, CFM improved the engine cycle, resulting in increased EGT (exhaust gas temperature) margin, and incorporated advanced materials and thermal barrier coatings in the high pressure turbine for enhanced durability. As a result, CFM56-7 maintenance costs are about 15 percent lower at equivalent thrust than those of the CFM56-3C1. Engine reliability, low operating temperatures, and durability features will extend time on wing up to 20 percent compared to other CFM56 engines. The first CFM56-7-powered 737-700 was delivered in December 1997. Today, nearly 1,000 aircraft are in service with 99 airlines worldwide. The fleet, which includes the 737-600/-700/-800/-900 models, has accumulated more than 10 million flight hours and five million flight cycles. The fleet has maintained a 99.96 percent dispatch reliability rate, which translates to less than one departure per 2,000 flights being delayed 15 minutes or more or canceled for engine-related issues. The CFM56-7 also has one of the lowest in-flight shutdown rates in the industry: .002 per 1,000 hours. The rate is equivalent to one engine-caused in-flight shutdown every 500,000 flight hours. The CFM56-7 has been able to achieve these outstanding rates in very demanding operating environments. For example, some operators accumulate an average of 13 flights per day.

The CFM56-7-powered Boeing 737 was the first single-aisle airplane in its class to be granted 180-minute Extended Twin-Engine Operations (ETOPS). ETOPS approval, which provides airlines greater route-scheduling flexibility such as long over-water flights, is based on engine/aircraft reliability.

CFM International is a joint company of Snecma (Safran Group), France and General Electric Company, U.S.A.

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