ILFC Places Major Engine Order With CFM International

January 5, 1995

EVENDALE, Ohio – CFM International engines have been selected to power 23 firm and 9 option Airbus A319, A320, and A321 aircraft recently ordered by International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC).

CFM International (CFM), a 50/50 joint company of GE of the United States and Safran Aircraft Engines of France, is the world’s largest manufacturer of large commercial jet engines.

The A319 and A320 aircraft are powered by -5A or -5B engines, depending upon the needs of each operator; the A321 aircraft are powered by -5B engines.

This order reinforces CFM’s dramatic market leadership. In 1994, the CFM56 family of engines was selected for more than half of all large commercial aircraft ordered. With more than 50 million flight hours, CFM56 engines have demonstrated a high level of reliability and a low cost of ownership.

Overall, more than 2,300 CFM56 engines have logged 10,000+ flight hours; nearly 40 percent achieved this milestone before their first shop visit, with an average of about 12,500 hours before initial engine removal.

ILFC, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a major jet aircraft leasing company that provides aircraft for airline fleets worldwide. ILFC is one of GE/CFMI’s largest commercial aircraft customers and its largest aircraft leasing customer. ILFC has more than 600 CFM56 engines delivered or on order for a variety of Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

“ILFC ordered its first CFM56 engine 10 years ago,” said Rod Duncan, senior vice president-technical at ILFC. “This latest order confirms our confidence in CFM56 engines over this past decade.”

“ILFC and CFM have enjoyed a mutually beneficial and positive relationship over many years,” said Francis Avanzi, CEO and president of CFMI, “and we are especially gratified with ILFC’s continued expression of confidence in our products.”

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