FM56-5B/P to Begin Ground Tests in July

June 12, 1995

CFM International's advanced technology CFM56-5B/P is on schedule to begin ground testing in July and will begin a 40-hour compliance flight test program on an Airbus Industrie A320 aircraft in early 1996.

CFM International is a 50/50 joint company of Snecma (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States.

The CFM56-5B/P (formerly known as the -5BX) , which is scheduled for certification in March 1996, has completed component tests on both the high pressure turbine and high pressure compressor and results have met all pre-test predictions. The engine will be certified on the A321 and go into full production the second quarter of 1996, improving the CFM56-5B family.

The CFM56-5B/P core serves as the basis for future CFM56 engine programs, including the CFM56-7 engine for the Boeing 737-600/-700/-800. Technology enhancements are expected to give the engine an overall improvement in specific fuel consumption of 3 percent compared to current CFM56-5B levels, and recent component testing has confirmed these predictions.

Engine improvements include a new high pressure compressor, which will improve efficiency, and more efficient, redesigned high and low pressure turbines. These component improvements are the result of three-dimensional aerodynamic analysis techniques that reduce losses at the turbine blade tip and root, in addition to computational fluid dynamics and advanced computer code analysis that result in more efficient blading.

CFMI is also offering the double annular combustor (DAC) as an option on the CFM56-5B/P. The DAC engine has demonstrated reductions in NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions of about 45 percent during a typical mission compared to CFM56-5B engines equipped with a single annular combustor.

The CFM56-5B/P technology package is the latest in CFMI's continuing efforts to provide the greatest overall value to customers through reliable, affordable, leading-edge technology.

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