Finnair Exercises Options for Six CFM56-5B-Powered A320S

July 26, 2000

- Finnair signed an agreement today with CFM International (CFM) to exercise options for CFM56-5B engines to power six Airbus A319/A320/A321 aircraft scheduled for delivery in 2002/2003. This engine order is valued at $60 million.

CFM is a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States. The CFM56-5 is the engine of choice for the Airbus A320 family, having been selected to power nearly 1,300 aircraft since the program was launched.

Finnair has already taken delivery of six aircraft from its initial order and is scheduled to take delivery of six additional aircraft in the next 18 months. The airline has again specified that its CFM56-5B engines be equipped with CFMs advanced double annular combustor. In fact, the airline has been so pleased with the reliability of its DAC-equipped engines that Mr. Henrik Arle, executive vice president of Finnair has stated that all Finnair CFM56-5B engines will be equipped with this technology. In more than 27,000 flight hours, this fleet has experienced no in-flight shutdowns, no shop visits, and 100 percent engine related dispatch reliability. The DAC, which entered service in 1995, reduces oxides of nitrogen --NOx) emissions by 40 percent compared to engines equipped with single annular combustors. CFM was the first and, to date, only manufacturer to offer this technology in this thrust class. In addition to Finnair, Air Europe Italy, Austrian, Edelweiss, Sabena Belgian Airlines, and Swissair, and Volare have all selected DAC engines for their A320 aircraft.

"This order is evidence of Finnairs continued commitment to the environment," said David Cook, CFM sales director. "We at CFM are proud that we have the technology to support these efforts and look forward to further strengthening our relationship with this airline."

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