CFMI Signs Framework Agreement with Rybinsk Motors

April 5, 1995

CFM International signed a framework agreement with Russian aircraft engine manufacturer Rybinsk Motors earlier this year to develop an agreement for the production, promotion, and manufacture of CFM56 engines that will be used in Russia.

CFM International (CFMI) is a 50/50 joint company of General Electric of the United States and Snecma (Safran Group) of France.

The agreement, covers a wide range of future work to be performed by Rybinsk, including:

* manufacturing CFM56 parts to be delivered to GE and Snecma (Safran Group);
* promoting CFM56 engines in Russia; and
* participating in the production of CFM56 engines for Russian aircraft.

This agreement, when fully implemented, will continue the "share to gain" philosophy GE and Snecma (Safran Group) have adhered to over the past 20 years, recognizing that, in today's markets, the benefit to each party often exceeds what could be accomplished by only one party. To be successful in the Russian market, both now and in the future, CFMI plans to utilize the capable industry that has been developed there. To this end, CFMI chose Rybinsk Motors, one of Russia's most successful aircraft engine manufacturers, to initiate the development of an extensive cooperation arrangement in that country.

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