CFM56 Sourcing And Spare Parts Programs Launched In China

November 4, 1996

CFM International has launched two initiatives that will enable the company to both improve its support of Chinese airlines and to broaden its relationship with Chinese industry.

GE Aircraft Engines, a 50/50 partner in CFM International (CFMI) with Snecma (Safran Group) of France, has agreements in place that will result in the manufacture of CFM56 parts in China. The company recently signed with Xian Engine Aero Factory for the manufacture of approximately $8 million worth of CFM56 hardware. Delivery of these parts is scheduled to begin in 1997. These agreements are in addition to the on-going purchase programs CFMI has had with AVIC factories since 1986.

Working closely with China Aviation Supply Company (CASC), the company is also establishing the CFMI Spares Service Center adjacent to Boeing facilities at Beijing Airport. The facility will provide CFM56-3 line maintenance parts and will result in more seamless support for Chinese 737 operators. It currently takes two to three weeks for spare parts to reach Chinese airlines. With the aide of CASC, that turnaround time will be reduced to one or two days when the Center becomes operational in late November of this year. Again, the Center will initially offer only CFM56-3 parts, but services could be expanded to encompass the entire CFM56 product line in the future.

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