CFM56-7B Engine Training Now Available In China

February 26, 2002

A CFM56-7B engine has been added to the inventory at the Aero Engine Maintenance Training Center (AEMTC) in Guanghan, China and, beginning in April, the school will offer CFM56-7B Line Maintenance and Borescope Inspection training.

Located adjacent to the China Civil Aviation Flying College (CCAFC) in Guanghan, the AEMTC is a joint venture between CFM, GE, Snecma (Safran Group), the CCAFC, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), and the China Aviation Supplies Import & Export Corporation (CASC). CFM56-7B engines are produced by CFM International (CFM), a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States.

The AEMTC specializes in maintenance training on CFM and GE commercial engines, as well as serving as a CAAC vocational training facilities. In addition to the new CFM56-7 training courses, the school also provides Line Maintenance and Borescope Inspection training on CFM56-3, CFM56-5B, and CF6-80C2 for customers in China and from other nearby countries. Since opening in 1996, the AEMTC has trained more than 2,600 mechanics.

This latest upgrade of AEMTC is part of the continuing commitment of CFM and its parent companies to provide world-class support to customers throughout China. The training provided at AEMTC a state-of-the-art 4,500 square meter facility with six engine shop bays and seven classrooms -- is equivalent to the training at the CFM centers in the United States and France. All three centers are staffed with experienced instructors who facilitate exercises in the classroom and hands-on procedures in the engine shop. In addition, each center also provides computer-based training, both self-paced and instructor-led.

CFM International is a joint company of Snecma (Safran Group), France and General Electric Company, U.S.A.

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