CFM International Statement on Boeing 737 New Engine Family Launch

August 30, 2011

This morning, The Boeing Company made the announcement below regarding the Board of Director's approval to launch the new engine variant of the Boeing 737 powered by CFM International's LEAP-1B engine.

"Our relationship with Boeing goes back more than 30 years and even we could not have predicted the phenomenal success the CFM-powered Boeing 737 program has enjoyed," said CFM President and CEO Jean-Paul Ebanga. "This is the best-selling aircraft/engine combination in aviation history. I believe we have achieved that status because we have consistently worked together to refine and improve the airplane/engine combination. This new airplane will provides exceptional operating economics and provide customers with unprecedented levels of efficiency and environmental responsibility while maintaining the legacy of aviation's most reliable product line.

"The CFM-powered 737 aircraft being delivered today represents three decades of leading-edge technical innovation and we look forward to taking that technology to a whole new level with the LEAP-powered 737."

The LEAP-1B will be the exclusive powerplant for the new 737 variant, with the engine uniquely optimized for the airplane. CFM has been collaborating with Boeing on various engine options for either a new or re-engined 737 aircraft since 2005. The two companies are now working to define the final LEAP-1B engine configuration.

Since 1984, CFM has provided the sole powerplant for all Boeing 737 models from the Classic 737-300/-400/-500 to the Next-Generation 737-600/-700/-800/-900/-900ER and the BBJ. To date, more than 8,900 737s have been ordered, of which more than 7,700 are powered by CFM.

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