CFM International launches TRUEngine™ Program

July 13, 2008

LONDON, England July 13, 2008 CFM International has launched the TRUEngine™ designation to help the industry more accurately appraise used CFM56 engines and to enhance the resale value of these assets.

CFM International (CFM) is a 50/50 joint venture between Snecma (Safran Group) and General Electric Company.

"The industry has asked CFM for better ways to determine the value of engines as they are redistributed in aircraft fleets," says Eric Bachelet, president and CEO of CFM International. "The TRUEngine™ program allows you to more easily evaluate used CFM56 engines by serial number, based on data currently not widely accessible."

The TRUEngine™ designation will be available to all CFM56 engines meeting the criteria and several fleets of engines are currently being evaluated.

To qualify for TRUEngine™ status, the engine configuration, engine overhaul practices, spare parts and repairs used to service the engine must be consistent with CFM requirements for that engine model. In addition, all maintenance must comply with CFM-issued engine manuals and other maintenance recommendations. The qualification data is obtained through a combination of fleet operational and maintenance records.

Commercial jet engines typically are in service for more than 25 years and change ownership at least once in their operational life. The engine's configuration, material content, maintenance history, and supportability impact overall value as it changes ownership.

The TRUEngine™ program is being embraced by the industry's leading asset valuation providers, including the International Bureau of Aviation (IBA), AVITAS, and Ascend.

"Access to the data provided by the TRUEngine™ program is great news for the industry," says Gehan Talwatte, managing director of Ascend. "Having CFM confirm that the engines have been maintained to the original manufacturer's standards will help appraisers reflect the true market value of the asset. We also like the convenience of tracking used CFM56 engines by serial number."

The TRUEngine™ designation also facilitates CFM's ability to provide technical support. Jet engines contain multiple, complex systems whose interactions must be carefully controlled. CFM's engine support is built upon technical expertise for genuine CFM56 parts and configurations, as well as data gained from the vast operational history of the global CFM56 engine population.

CFM designs and continually improves the CFM56 family, the world's most utilized commercial jet engine. Nearly 16,000 CFM56 engines are in commercial service powering several aircraft models, most prominently the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 families, with nearly 500 operators worldwide.

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