Apollo Aviation Group latest leasing company to qualify fleet for TRUEngine status

July 12, 2012

FARNBOROUGH, England – Apollo Aviation Group is the latest leasing company to sign a letter agreement with CFM International, qualifying a mix of 21 CFM56 engines for the company’s TRUEngine program.


The TRUEngine designation serves as a method for identifying engines with CFM-approved content and facilitates product support of the engine system.  Moreover, industry stakeholders can use the knowledge of engine content to evaluate engine value and re-marketability.


“The TRUEngine program is a great fit for us,” said Robert Korn, President of Apollo Aviation Group.  “Being able to qualify our CFM56 portfolio brings immense long-term value to a significant investment.   This program is absolutely in line with our maintenance philosophy and the language we use in our lease agreements.  We understand and appreciate the benefits we gain from working with a world-class manufacturer like CFM, and we are very pleased to be a part of the TRUEngine program.”   


Since the program was launched in 2008, CFM has continued to enhance the program to bring added customer value.  One such enhancement includes the addition of cumulative lease days that qualify customers for complimentary annual spare engine support from the CFM lease pool to avoid going AOG in the event a TRUEngine qualified engine has an unscheduled removal.


The TRUEngine program is available for all CFM56 engines.  To qualify, a customer submits a declared list of compliant engine serial numbers, along with engine maintenance records, to CFM for evaluation to ensure the engine content, overhaul practices, and repairs are consistent with CFM requirements for that engine model. 

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