AirAsia CFM56-5B Engines Awarded TRUEngineTM Designation

November 10, 2008

CFM International has awarded the TRUEngineTM designation to nearly 110 CFM56-5B engines in the AirAsia fleet.

TRUEngineTM is a product of CFM International (CFM), a 50/50 joint company of Snecma (Safran Group) and General Electric Company.

"At AirAsia, we pride ourselves on operating one of the youngest, most efficient fleets in the industry," said Azhari Mohd Dahlan, regional director of Engineering for AirAsia. "Achieving TRUEngineTM status for our CFM56-5B engines is another way in which we can differentiate our fleet from that of our competitors,"

The CFM56-5B engines in the AirAsia fleet were awarded TRUEngineTM status following a comprehensive review of the airline's fleet operational data and maintenance records.

These records validated that maintenance of all of the engines is consistent with CFM International's requirements for those engine models, including maintenance practices, spare parts and repairs and that they comply with CFM-issued engine manuals, service bulletins, and other maintenance recommendations.

The CFM56 engines of several more fleet owners will soon be evaluated for the TRUEngineTM designation, which will be available to all CFM56 engines meeting the criteria.

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