Aeroflot CFM56-3 Fleet Logs 100,000 Flight Hours

June 2, 2000

CFM56-3 engines in service with Aeroflot Russian International Airlines have logged 100,000 flight hours without a single removal or mechanical issue.

CFM56-3 engines are produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma Moteurs (Safran Group) of France and General Electric of the United States.

"We have a wonderful relationship with Aeroflot and are pleased to celebrate this milestone with them," said Henri Cabannes, sales director for CFM International. "This fleet has maintained a 100 percent dispatch reliability rate; when you couple that with the fact that there have been no removals or other mechanical issues you clearly see what an outstanding job Aeroflot's maintenance crew is doing."

Aeroflot took delivery of its first CFM56-3-powered Boeing 737-400 aircraft in May 1998 and currently operates a fleet of 10 aircraft. These 737s have logged more than 35,000 engine flight cycles, with an average flight leg of 2.7 hours. The fleet leader has logged 6,238 hours and 2,637 cycles to date.

CFM became the world's largest supplier of commercial aircraft engines due largely to the success of the CFM56-3 program. In 1981, Boeing selected the fledgling engine company to provide the sole powerplant for its 737-300/-400/-500 series of aircraft. At the time, both companies optimistically predicted they would sell about 400 airplanes; 3,975 engines and 1,987 airplanes later, the CFM56-3-powered 737 is a story for the record books.

Although CFM has shipped the final installed engine, the company will continue to produce spare engines for the next several years.

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