CFM56: One Billion Flight Hours

The CFM56 engine is the product of a successful marriage between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines (formerly Snecma). Boasting exceptional dispatch reliability, the CFM56 has now achieved the one billion flight hour milestone – an extraordinary achievement for CFM International and its customers, of course, but also for the aerospace industry.

The CFM56 at a glance:

• Introduced 37 years ago
• 8 versions: CFM56-2A, B, C; CFM56-3; CFM56-5A, -5B, -5C; and CFM56-7B
• 28,000+ CFM56 engines in service with about 600 operators
• Dispatch reliability 99.9%
• 7 million passengers a day
• 35 billion passengers since entering service (5 to 6 times the population of our planet).