CFM International, IATA Sign Landmark Agreement

CFM International (CFM) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have signed a commercial settlement agreement concerning CFM’s MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) policies and activities.

Under the terms of this agreement, CFM reaffirms its commitment to maintain and foster robust and open competition within the MRO market, as well as the competitive nature of its MRO model, which serves as a reference in the jet engine industry and has been a key element in the ongoing success of the CFM product line.

As part of this agreement, CFM is publishing here its Conduct Policies and associated Implementing Measures, specifying its product support policy and guidelines related to such aspects as licensing, warranties, servicing, technical support, repairs, communication, and contracting. These documents help to confirm, clarify, and complement CFM’s aftermarket practices.

A liaison Officer and a Trustee have been appointed to support the implementation of this agreement. Their contact informations are provided below:

Jean-Marc Domergue

Liaison Officer for the IATA agreement

Mobile: +1 469 236 2757

Thomas Hoehn

Trustee for the IATA agreement

Mobile: +44 7740633487


In addition of these guidelines, CFM is publishing here a guidance that highlights some of the principles of the Conduct Policies and Implementing Measures. Since the Conduct Policies and Implementing Measures publication, various stakeholders have raised questions regarding their application and their impact on CFM’s MRO activities. To bring some clarity, CFM also summarizes the answers to a number of questions that were raised.